Bio: I love travelling and always have. Southern Europe, Southern Africa, North America though my heart will always be in Scotland, which I still think is the most beautiful country I've ever seen anywhere. This blog is a diary of my travel experiences and might also be helpful if you are planning your own trip. I was lucky enough to escape the rat race 9 years ago, when an early retirement option came up and I waved goodbye to a long career in which included teaching English and managing health and fitness initiatives.With my two boys grown up now, I have more time to enjoy travelling here and abroad. My passion is the great outdoors - walking , wildlife watching and snapping away with my camera. But I also enjoy ancient villages and pretty towns, great cities and gardens, old churches and castles. And good food! I love contributing on Tripadvisor 's Scotland Forum under the scotlandmac moniker because I want to share my experiences with those planning their trip and help them get the very best out of it. I've travelled quite a bit throughout Scotland and southern Europe for many decades now and know much of it well.But there is always something new to find, somewhere just a little different to explore. So much to do and see , so little time............

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